Friday, 16 July 2010

home sweet home

My house, my home, I love it. It's my favourite place in the world.

One Sunday I prepared a seasonal, locally sourced dinner of asparagus, pea and fennel risotto. It was a recipe I made myself, following basic risotto then adding in key ingredients. Served with a glass of Chablis, or maybe it was cheap plonk from the corner store. Whatever it was, it was crisp, it was fresh...

Followed by apple and plum crumble.....yummmmm.........

tate titbits

You can't beat the view from the Tate members bar, St Paul's is one of London's iconic buildings. Sitting out on the terrace after an exhibition, chatting about the work is a real treat.

Especially when couple with seasonally fresh pea and mint soup and a always the service was friendly and polite. Even when the fire alarm went off, we had no trouble being evacuated. Thankfully no art was harmed, think it was a false alarm.

On this particular day we saw the Voyeurism exhibition, loved it.

coffee at motspur park

Now if for whatever random reason you should find yourself at Motspur Park, you must have a coffee. It's a cute old fashioned train station in south London, with wooden waiting rooms and a library...yes, a shelf of books to freely borrow.  But I was on route to a work thing so only had chance to stop and buy a was a perfect coffee, full of caffeine but not a hint of bitterness. The man serving was friendly and chatty, well you can't blame him for being was sunny, he was about to finish work for the day...yep, that's a good life...