Tuesday, 29 December 2009

liverpool street workers caff

City Corner just off Liverpool Street is a marvel considering it's in the heart of bankers offices. The resistance to change and become a Starbucks is a wonder and should be revered. This caff has traditional wooden panelling - plus a few framed kitch pictures of NYC and a framed italian football shirt. There is even an old Nonna serving the tea. Food was okay, no bubble and squeak but hey, I wasn't visiting to get some organic veggie delight!
Pretty sure this caff is a survivor.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

battenberg in hackney

tea for one from Laura Ashley, sugar bowl from Liberty, cuckoo spoon from ebay, rose plate from Past Caring Essex Rd, tea caddy from Hunters Limavady.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

melange and cakes in vienna

This is my favourite cafe in Vienna, near the Museums Quarter - Cafe Raimund. I rate it 5 teacups.

It's very traditional in style complete with net curtains!

I had traditional Apfelstrudel mit Melange, and M broke tradition and drank Bier with her Topfenknodel mit Zwetschkenroster. Outside image copyright of J, an expert in Vienna coffeehouses- we ate many delicious cakes together..

a most curious party

My surprise party. There was beautiful bunting, fab vintage lamps and lots and lots of gorgeous tea sets.

Yummy cakes, home made sarnies, tea and champers made it the best birthday ever

Vintage crockery and other items from www.amostcuriousparty.co.uk