Saturday, 9 April 2011

lemon and basil cake

My friend has been posting some delicious looking cakes, and one recipe looked and tasted so different, I just had to try it myself....lemon and basil, it doesn't look fancy, and it sounds kind of strange. But it works! The icing glaze is really sweet and the lemon is tasty. And who knew you could use basil in sweets?!

I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon baking this cake, wearing my laura ashley apron and measuring out the flour, chopping the basil. 

It was ever so tasty. Try it. I might share the recipe just like my friend shared with me.. The photo doesn't do it justice!

valentine's love in april

Belated valentine's cake post, the cute love heart cake if from my favourite bakery Anderson's- only £3:50. Bargain. Icing was a bit sickly sweet though!