Sunday, 19 September 2010

fish n chips by the sea

One windy Sunday we found ourselves on the train to Bexhill, to check out the Anthony Gormley exhibition. Bexhill is a sleepy town...

The exhibition was tiny, so we had whizzed around it in about 20 minutes...we decided to treat ourselves to some fish n chips (without the fish!) Now , you may wonder,  what does this have to do with crockery? with cakes? with caffs? well the chipper, has to be in the same class as caffs surely??

we headed to Marthas, and I was so happy to see they had pineapple fritters on the menu- a rarity in the UK, but popular at home in Australia..

If you're ever in Bexhill- head to Martha's on the seafront. It's a highlight. They also recycle all the packaging!

day trip with a difference

It was a gorgeous sunny Thursday, and we were off to Brighton for the civil partnership for my dear, wonderful friend. With much excitement M and I donned our finest clobber and off we went. After some shopping round the lanes (whilst stuck on the BBerry for work- talk about multi tasking) we decided to pop into this coffee shop for a drink and snack...

It was a cute little place, loved the coffee, tasty chutney with the cheese, refreshing elderflower, 
nice set up...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

tea and cake with spinster

My favourite band, Spinster, were playing a small arty festival called Supernormal.

So, a group of us went to camp with the band for the weekend, and watch their set 4pm Sunday.

Much fun was had, much beer was drunk. But this blog is about, crockery, cakes and caffs, so how does Spinster's gig fit in??

Well, the site was dotted with lots of lovely things. Firstly this tea stall jam packed with cute things, and serving tea. I can't comment so much on the tea, as I was knocking back the beers at the time (which by the way were local and v tasty)

After spending most of Saturday drinking beer, I woke with the world's worst hangover. Literally could not move. But, I did manage to recover in time to venture to the artists studio, see some of their work. But best of all they had a tea and cake stall...
It was a wonderful old fashioned building, cool inside, away from the hot summer sun...
When I saw this sign, I was happy as Larry.
spot the Spinster flier

Now, what sugary treat would I  indulge in? Scones with masses  of home made jam  and clotted cream? 

Chocolate cake? Or how about a lovely lemon drizzle cake? Only £1.50 a slice...!

spot another spinster flier
Now, although the tea was tempting, I had a refreshing elderflower to wash down my cake...

and finally, I adored this sugar bowl and jug set. I'll be keeping my eyes out for something similar...