Tuesday, 30 November 2010

a girl's got to dream

I have a long list of places I want to visit in the world. One major regret was not traveling to Israel with my friend when we went to Egypt and Jordan back in the year 2001. What was I thinking??!! Now days I can't imagine missing out on something like that. But hey, ho, so many friends have been to Tel Aviv for amazing adventures, and delicious food.

My wonderful friend send me this contribution almost a year ago, so finally it's on the blog.

                                                           She said, quite simply


                                                     'Aracaffe has the best coffee in Israel'

                                                But if you ask me, this cake looks pretty darn good.

                       I hope one day my dreams come true and I get to sample these delights myself!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

I love NY

Be prepared , a wave of NYC related posts will be heading to this blog. I absolutely fell in LOVE with the city. Mainly because the friends M and I have that live there are so close to our hearts. They've got lovely settled lives and have got kind and wonderful partners.
We literally ate our way around the city.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

teacups in Cannes

Ahhhhhh summer, a distant memory now. I found myself in the south of France for work a couple of months ago and managed to get a couple of hours to myself.

So, I took a long walk past Cannes Harbour, to the church at the top of the hill.

 So, making my walk back to the madness (work)  and I took a different route down the teeny tiny little French pathways, and discovered a gorgeous antique shop. Would it be packed with bargains I could fill my suitcase with? Hmmmm.....this was Cannes so I guessed now. Undeterred though, I went into the shop for a nosy around...

I spotted the tea cups immediately and fell in love. I asked the shopowner the price of the teacup...

Can you guess?

100 euros. Apparently they're from the 1800's

I enquired what was the cheapest thing they had for sale.

It was a teacup. But at 40 euros.

As much as I loved the teacups, knowing I'd been at the Brussels flea market not so long ago and survived without a purchase, I walked away.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

crockery and cocktails

A bunch of us went to this bar on Saturday afternoon. It was so damn long ago, the details are a little hazy!

It was our friend King Julian who suggested we go there as knows I have an obsession with vintage, crockery, tea...and let's face it, I like a drink too. So all my favourite things in one place.


The bar is set out like a granny's living room. There are pristine white tablecloths and basil and mind growing on each table. It's a tiny little place but I discovered you can reserve a space.

The cocktails here are the real star of the show. The best ones are served in vintage tea cups and they have little accompanying treats.

This was called Gardener's Delight ( I think). It was served with an teeny cucumber sandwich, heavenly....

This cocktail was some kind of rum based drink, served with a minute jaffa cake. It was called Pirates something (can't quite remember) It was very tasty, sampled a few of these...

This was the Gardner's Delight from D's perspective....The idea behind the cocktails in tea cups is that apparently this is how alcohol was served during prohibition times.

I even loved the bathroom......

We drank  more and more cocktails, they were irresistable. I think they were reasonable priced at £7 each. They were well made....and for this reason I spent an absolute fortune and left rather squiffy. They were such lovely drinks, I had more and more

We all had more and more......

A good afternoon was had by all....!

(they even almost ran out of tea cups)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

brussels flea market

Look at this......absolute heaven for a crockery vintage enthusiast like me. The flea market in Brussels was packed with a range of cups, saucers, plates, pots. All covered in cute designs begging to be bought. But do you think I came back with one single thing? NO. Shocking isn't it...! But....picture this....a romantic weekend spent getting completely lost...and on the Sunday it was not just raining, it was pouring. Have I set the scene enough? I was dead excited when I realised the Sunday flea market was on route to the Eurostar and M kindly said she'd hold the cases while I had a nosy around. I suspect she just wanted to stay under shelter, but hey, I was happy.
I must have wandered the market several times, it was pelting down and the cups and bowls were all filled to the brim with water.

But, wonders will never cease, I just couldn't see one thing I felt like buying. Wierdest experience ever. I blame the rain...!