Thursday, 22 September 2011

tea and cake with my bff

I had a perfect Tuesday about a month ago, my best friend forever collected me with her gorgeous daughter and we drove to her Summer Bay house. It was cosy and chilly outside but we had a beautiful view of the sea, and my bff's sister popped round with her adorable son.

We ate cupcakes, we ate Tim Tams, we had cheese toasties, we gossiped, we laughed and it really was a  perfect day. I miss you girls and your fabulous kiddies!!

Thank you very much for the special tea day!

figs and quilts

A trip home to Perth, Western Australia is not complete unless I have brunch by the beach with my best girlfriends. We usually head to the Wild Fig, as it's right by the beach that I love so much....

After our experience at the end of August I will rethink our usual spot, we arrived only to be told we could not have a walk it booking for 6 people, and the waitress was not especially helpful with our request. I 'm sure they have a reason for this, but I can't think what it was. My friend had the idea that we'd just try and get two tables beside each other, which is just what we managed. The next problem was they did not want us to push these two tables beside each other, but we did it anyway..

So, onto the food....I ordered the aussie classic coffee, a flat white, which was actually perfect.

For my brunch I ordered a vegetarian sandwich with avocado, we all waited and waited and waited for our order. It really did take forever. Was tasty when it arrived though.

photo courtesy of Miss Bettie
The best bit about the brunch was seeing my wonderfully close friends, I'm so happy to count these girls among my nearest and dearest, time and distance do not matter.

After lunch, I hung out at the beach for ages with Miss Bettie who had made me and my girl a very special wedding gift. I felt so lucky.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

oystralian vego breaky

I had a few culinary adventures back home and made a few dishes I'd always wanted to try out. The crazy thing is they were traditional British recipes. The day I arrived in Perth it was rainy and blustery so I stayed home with my step pa, watched the footy and made a roast (veggie of course)
Now, with the lack if Aunt Bessie's frozen yorkshire puds on hand I had to make my own...I think the trick was to whisk the batter and heat the oil before cooking. They were perfect (no pics though!)

We had a family dinner the Saturday before I left, and we had masses of roast vegetables left over. So I had the chance to try and make bubble and squeak. Talk about easy! Mash the roast veg into patties and fry.

Bob's your Uncle....Mate!!

The vego (that Australian for veggie) breakfast is good for a hangover!

blog blog blog

I'm so behind on this blog...I've been to Australia, had a wonderful civil partnership in Ireland, surprise guests from Australia and an amazing party in London where dear friends travelled from Dublin, New York and Madrid to celebrate with us. It's been a whirlwind and today is the first day I have been able to stop and think about it all!!

Entries promised very soon....