Saturday, 23 October 2010

towpath cafe

This great little cafe opened earlier this year and over the summer I walked longingly past many times, hoping to get a table... Finally the day came when I spotted a table and made my way to the menu....a great seasonal soon as I saw globe artichoke I knew what to pick....

The artichoke was delicious (although was served chilled so I wasn't so fond of that) I LOVED the plates the dish was served on I sat and nibbled each leave as I watched the canal and the world go by.

FIVE tea cups for this place. I would be back in a flash...if I can get a table that is.
Towpath Cafe, Regents Canal towpath, just by Kingsland Rd

Monday, 18 October 2010

to dry for

I've just fallen in love with this many cool tea towels, I could buy the entire online shop!

Resisted so far...not sure how much longer. I love the tunnocks tea towel!

and best of all very reasonable postage and packaging...only £1

Sunday, 17 October 2010

south beach cafe, western australia

This cafe is my favourite beachside cafe in the's my home town beach but I only get to visit it every three years. They do great coffee, yummy sarnies, perfect chips. Love it...

You can see the pathway to the beach through the window...and at Christmas they decorate it with tinsel. I absolutely love this cafe, so if you ever find yourself in Perth, head to South Beach near Fremantle (you can get the free Cat bus there) and have yourself a flat white!
Also, what I love about this place is that when you order food, rather than give you a number they ask your name and call it out. 
It's the quintessential Oz experience....oh.....I'm home sick now!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

whoopies at andersons

I have often written about my love of Anderson's Bakery on Hoxton street. As I wandered past one Saturday I spotted a whoopie pie in the window.

This is cake that has been dubbed the new cupcake, I'd been searching high and low for somewhere that sells these cakes, so I was in the Bakery stocking up on a afternoon tea treat for me and my girl.

So, what was the verdict? 

As far as I am concrned this cake has nothing on the cupcake. It's a little too big to enjoy, very very sweet and the cake isn't as soft.

So....that's the whoopie cake done....ticked off the list....