Sunday, 15 August 2010

eggs at food lab

It was a lovely sunny Sunday and M and I were on route to meet our favourite Brazilian boy. We had a stroll up the canal to Essex Rd, Islington. And of course, we headed to our favourite brunch spot Food Lab.

We sat outside to soak up some rays. M and I ordered egg muffin and P had Eggs Florentine. The eggs in  the muffin were a little flat, but for £3 I wouldn't moan. The coffee was perfect, and we chatted and gossiped and had a wonderful little catch up.

cappucino and egg muffins

eggs florentine and oj
flat egg muffins
oh and if you ever visit Food Lab, pop next door to Past Caring as they have an array of wonderful vintage crockery and I'm in love with the babysham champagne glasses they sell. Yet to buy them though as I figure we have plenty of glasses (so sensible)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

home grown carrot salad

I've loved growing my own vegetables this year. It's been a bit of trial and error and I think I would plant more next year. Having outdoor space has changed my life and I don't think I could live without it.

I'm most proud of my carrots..... I only managed to grow two cherry tomatoes!

One salad I used these ingredients to compose a delicious chickpea salad.....yum!

The table cloth was a gift from my wonderful Brazilian friend, the bowl is from Butlers, knife from Camden Passage, Islington....jug from a wee shop in Islington too. Alfafa spouts courtesy of The Grocery, Kingsland Rd.

the oven door

A trip to Northern Ireland wouldn't be complete unless I went to The Oven Door, Market Street Limavady. Now this place has actually been called Hunters for the entire time I've been visiting Limavady, but still, it's always known as The Oven Door.

Now my diet in NI usually consists of chips, chips and more chips. But on this particular day I decided to mix things up a bit and have soup. Of course, it is Ireland so potato and leek soup was on offer...

This cafe is great- its a mix of all Limavady folk who have gone 'down the town' the staff are friendly, the coffee is good and the locals are all chatty. I do love my hols in Ireland.

The cafe was recently renovated but has always kept the same seating plan. It's very cosy.

At the back of the shop is a fantastic shop, filled to the brim with table clothes, jugs, crockery. I've bought many little bits and bobs here. I have to restrain myself every time I go there and remind myself of all my treasured items at home.

I also like to window shop at the cakes...they look good!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

hangover cure at zarathustra

This caff on Richmond Way, Shepherd's Bush used to be a regular lunchtime haunt for my colleagues. They make delicious falafels and hallomi cheese, served with lots of hummous and salad.

But on this particular Friday I had a stonking hangover so all I craved was a dirty great big vegetarian burger....

Not bad for a fiver. I would recommend this little cafe because the food is good and it's got a laid back atmosphere. However, in all the years I have been going there the service has always been very very slow and it's never improved. But, like I say, good value and they do freshly prepare the food. The kitchen is at the front of the caff so you know it's all clean. They also serve curries, which I've heard are spicy and tasty, and full english breakfasts. I did fancy an omelette one day and I asked the owner if the eggs were free range- he gave me a baffled look. Needless to say, I stuck to the falafel that day!
veggie burger, diet coke, the times and blackberry

Saturday, 7 August 2010

soda ice teas

I am obsessed by this little Soda Ice Teas place on Catherine St Limavady, Northern Ireland. For as long as I have been visiting Limavady it has been all boarded up- I am so intrigued. I would love to go inside and see what it's like...

I daydream about buying it and running a little caff. I'd serve two different soups each day, some lovely salads filled with fresh local vegetables. Lots of fresh organice, locally sourced food- each dish would have an interesting twist and packs of flavour.

Plus some chips and cakes. Otherwise I would not get any customers down the town!

Monday, 2 August 2010

falafel at diana cafe

After spending a lovely summer's afternoon guzzling rose at the Electric and watching England actually win a game in the World Cup...(long distant memory now...) I found myself wandering in west London. It was just a damn too nice day to be underground on the tube...Wanting to prolong my the inevitable tube journey I found myself beside Diana Cafe. I've always wanted to venture inside and now the blog has given me a perfect excuse...

Now this cafe is a complete shrine to the 'People's Princess' It's packed to the brim with lots of images of Diana. She even visited the cafe on one occasion.

What I liked about this place, which is a complete contrast to the Sloan Ranger ideals of the 80's, is that Diana went there...why, I wondered...? Is it because it is her namesake? I mean without the pictures this is just a bog standard caff. That's exactly why I loved it. Cheap, cheerful and fun.

So, what did I eat? Well, it's run by a middle eastern guy so I had to order the falafel. Now just like the memory of England winning a game at the World Cup and perhaps account of Rose' consumer prior to said falafel, I can't exactly recount the cost of falafel, but it was a bargain.

Too cool me down on the hot summer June day, I quenched my thirst with some fresh mint was heavenly!

So I sat back, chilled, looked at al the Diana pictures and felt very happy with the ambience of the cafe.

I'd be back to Diana Cafe in a flash....I rate it 4 teacups.