Tuesday, 30 March 2010

classic caffs inspiration

Here's a link to the website that inspired me. I'm on a mission to check out these caffs....what still survives, or what's lost forever due to the high street take over of the likes of Starbucks etc...


Plus, I'll be checking out the recommendations in this week's Time Out.

Definitely keen to try out an underground afternoon tea

(PS- I do have a guilty pleasure for a Starbucks soya latte with sugar free hazelnut syrup)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

double decker caff

I absolutely fell in love with this caff at Pinewood Studios. Set in a double decker bus it really is the cutest caff ever. I had a lovely cup of tea, tunnocks tea cake and apple. AMAZING! Made my long working day and trek to Slough well worth it. Loved the 'Carry On' pictures as well.

lennie's snack bar

I found this caff by Shoreditch High St totally random, even by my standards. With a man wearing a fluroeslent yellow vest sitting by the window, I thought I had stumbled upon a proper workers caff. Maybe I did, still not sure. A little eastern european lady was running the show and rather oddly when I asked for brown toast she said she only had one slice. But hey, I secretly love white buttered toast so no problem. I rate this place 3 tea cups.

chocolate and banana cake

Our friend came to stay and cooked us a Greek feast, followed by this delicious chocolate banana cake. With a glass of plum wine to complete the meal. YUM!

fondant fancies

a lovely friend came to visit with the delicious treat of fondant fancies....which colour is your favourite....?

Plate and saucer from Camden Passage, Islington, tea cup light from vintage fair Bethnal Green, table cloth from best friends K & E