Wednesday, 26 October 2011

first dinner in tokyo

I have had so many amazing things happen in the last 6 months and have many many many blog posts to share. But as I sort out my photos from honeymoon in Japan I wanted to share the first meal we ate in Tokyo...

Shibuya Crossing, busiest in the world
We arrived in Tokyo on Sunday morning and we were thrilled when we released the Nartita Express from the airport went direct to out hotel. After checking in and relaxing a while we explored the area. We were two wide eyed westerners in crazy Tokyo. There was music blaring and people everywhere. We found looking for somewhere to eat a bit intimidating as we couldn't read Japanese and had no idea what kind of food they served. In the end we stopped by a place, a waiter was outside and we asked if he had 'begetarian' thankfully he did. We took a seat at the counter, had some beer and consulted the English menu he found us.

We skipped the horse sashimi and ordered tofu, rice, miso and mushrooms

We've since found out that it was a Izakaya, which is a pub that serves food. I only took a couple of snaps because I was still feeling like a fish out of water!

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