Thursday, 22 September 2011

tea and cake with my bff

I had a perfect Tuesday about a month ago, my best friend forever collected me with her gorgeous daughter and we drove to her Summer Bay house. It was cosy and chilly outside but we had a beautiful view of the sea, and my bff's sister popped round with her adorable son.

We ate cupcakes, we ate Tim Tams, we had cheese toasties, we gossiped, we laughed and it really was a  perfect day. I miss you girls and your fabulous kiddies!!

Thank you very much for the special tea day!


  1. It was a perfect day! I miss days like those with you, I always think back to when we were living together and would drink tea n eat tim tams and wish that u didn't live so far away! I hope it's not too long between cakes again sweetie! Love you so much!! BFF!!!! Xxxxxx

  2. really felt like I lived nearby when I was home, even though it was only 10 days it was great to cram in lots of time together. Love you xxxxxxxx

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